50+ Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs 🎁 Tested & Truly Great Ideas

You’ll definitely want to bookmark this list of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. We’ve included truly amazing present ideas that work perfectly for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and any special occasion.

You’ll definitely want to bookmark this list of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. We’ve included truly amazing present ideas that work perfectly for Christmas, birthdays, wedding, and any special occasion.

There are several kinds of gift lists, including gifts that are cheap, affordable, expensive, and personalizable.

There are also presents for CEO desks, for women entrepreneurs, for book-loving side-hustlers, and for those who enjoy subscription boxes.

We researched every product to ensure it’s among the best available. No comparing shopping necessary. Every gift is well-reviewed and highly-recommended.

Cheap Gifts for Entrepreneurs ($30 or Less)

Anker Portable Charger

An excellent inexpensive gift for entrepreneurs, the Anker Powercore 1000 is a popular, reliable, and very handy item for people on-the-go. Anker is a highly trusted brand, and they offer an 18-month guarantee to prove it.

$20 plus free shipping.

6-Foot Charging Cable

For those who like to be on their phone in bed, at cafes, airports, and a thousand other places without plugs nearby, a long charging cable can be super convenient.

Here’s a great iPhone charging cable for $15

Here’s a great Samsung charging cable for $11

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers know the AeroPress well. It’s an extremely well-recommended coffee and espresso-making system. It’s safe to say that most coffee lovers have considered buying an AeroPress.

The rapid brewing process reduces the time to steep coffee grounds, resulting in less bitterness and a smoother brew.

$30 plus free shipping.

SentrySafe Fireproof Lockbox

It’s a great gift idea because it’s the kind of thing people don’t think to buy for themselves, but the value is immediately obvious.

The affordable lockbox is the perfect place to store irreplaceable documents, USBs and hard drives, and small valuables.

$30 plus free shipping.

Puresonic 100% Essential Oil Set

A highly recommended essential oil set for anyone who enjoys aromatherapy. With a carrier oil, they can also be used on the skin or even as perfume.

Tea Tree Oil is a wonderful essential oil that can be used for many medical and beauty purposes. Lavender is perfect for drifting off to enchanting dreams. Peppermint is excellent for energizing and refreshing a room.

$10 plus free shipping.

Handheld Scalp Massager

A simple, but excellent gift that you can immediately pass around on Christmas morning or during the birthday party. If you’d like to upgrade to a wonderful electronic head massager (it’s even waterproof, so you can use it in the shower), then scroll down to our Best Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs section.

$10 plus free shipping.

Ocadux Professional Business Card Holder

A sleek, well-crafted business card holder is an excellent touch for the businessperson who loves making connections.

Choose from rosegold, black, or stainless steel. It can also be used to carry credit cards and cash.

$6 plus shipping.

Yearly Magazine Subscriptions

Print magazine subscriptions often include a Kindle version for free. They are also extremely cheap gift ideas when you buy them through Amazon.

Fast Company for $7 when you get the 1-year auto-renewal

Entrepreneur for $6 when you get the 1-year auto-renewal

WIRED for $5 when you get the 6-month auto-renewal

The Economist for $25 when you get the 3-month auto-renewal

Inc. for $7 when you get the 1-year auto-renewal

National Geographic for $16 for a 1-year subscription

Affordable Gifts for Entrepreneurs ($20-$100)

Wacaco Mini Espresso Maker

The perfect gift idea for the coffee lover who has (almost) everything. It works with either capsules or ground coffee. It’s especially great for travel, camping, and all outdoor activities.

Amazingly it doesn’t require electricity or battery. The espresso maker is hand-operated, so you never need to worry about going without java.

$65 plus free shipping.

Xenvo Smartphone Lens Kit

As smartphone photography somehow gets more popular each year, an attachable lens kit is a gift that won’t go out of style.

I personally received this gift last year for Christmas. For me, it’s perfect for travel, impromptu fashion shoots with friends, and daytrips.

It would also be great for anyone who does amateur photography as part of their work. Think realtors, artists, designers, journalists, café & restaurant owners, influencers, and so many others.

$39 plus free shipping.

Weatherman Bluetooth Umbrella

The last umbrella your entrepreneur will ever need. Umbrellas have two main problems. Either they break or they get lost right when you need them.

The weatherman umbrella fixes both problems by using Bluetooth technology to track its location, plus industrial-strength fiberglass to ensure it never snaps in a storm.

The item also features a timeless, sleek look.

$59 plus free shipping.

Formé Shoe Shapers

These shoe shapers for women whisper luxury. They are the perfect gift for a businesswoman. It’s the kind of item people often wouldn’t buy for themselves, but they would love the way it makes them feel when they use it.

$49 plus free shipping.

Cedar Shoe Trees

If you’ve ever used cedar shoe trees, you know they are an amazing idea. Cedar wood looks beautiful yet masculine, and the scent is perfect for counteracting the scent of feet.

I personally use cedar shoe trees, and the moment I slide them in or out is always a pleasant one. Highly recommended for any businessman or professional who enjoys a touch of luxury.

 $39 for a two-pack. Includes free shipping.

Sony Waterproof Sport Headphones

What a great gift for entrepreneurs that love swimming, the beach, or sports. There have been many attempts at products that allow you to listen to music or podcasts in the water, but many fail.

These Sony Walkman headphones are an MP3 player that’s fully waterproof in fresh and salt water. They are also perfect for any kind of exercise or sport because you don’t need to bring your phone.

$70 plus free shipping

Dr. S Blue-Light Blocking Sunglasses

It seems that all entrepreneurs spend dozens of hours each week looking at screens. This strains your eyes and messes with your circadian rhythm, leading to poorer sleep.

Dr. S blue-light blocking sunglasses cut glare, reduce eyestrain, block blue-light, and provide UV protection. Especially for those working in tech, this is a great present.

$70 plus free shipping for the framed glasses

$48 plus free shipping for the clip-on lenses

Saiji Portable Standing Desk

Standing desks have become very popular for their health benefits. As they say, sitting is the new smoking. This highly adjustable model goes on top of your normal desk, but it’s also great for use in bed or on the sofa.

Especially if your entrepreneur works from home, this is an amazing present that converts any space into a home office. It even includes a sliding drawer perfect for your blue-light blocking sunglasses.

$45 plus free shipping.

Ninja Professional Blender

An amazing gift idea for Christmas or birthdays if you want free up time, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help provide a thousand and one delicious on-the-go meals.

Of all the high-quality blenders out there, the Ninja is an amazing option. It’s especially easy to clean and use.

$99 plus free shipping.

Audible Membership

Audiobooks are here to stay. The Audible membership gives subscribers unlimited access to Amazon’s vast library of audiobooks and podcasts.

An amazing gift option for people with long commutes or lots of travel.

$8/month ($96/year) for Audible Plus. $15/month ($180/year) for Audible Premium Plus. Free One-Month Trial.

Amazon Prime Membership

Free Express delivery, exclusive deals, rewards and savings, award-winning shows and movies, free games, and a subscription to Amazon Music. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

$13/month, but half-price subscriptions available for students. One-Month Free Trial.

Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs (Over $100)

Kodak Ultra-Mini Portable Projector

An excellent gift for both business use and personal entertainment. Portable projector technology has skyrocketed recently. Because there’s plenty of competition, prices have mellowed out.

There are soo many ways you can use this amazing gift for entrepreneurs. Backyard movie night, camping trips, business presentations, private Movie-in-the-Park night, bedroom binge-watching, etc.

$189. For the price point, this projector is probably the best option available.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Super trendy and useful, it’s hard to go wrong with buying this gift for your entrepreneur or business person.

$129 plus free shipping.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

A self-driving vacuum cleaner that connects to WiFi and Bluetooth. The most popular Roomba model makes it effortless to keep your floor clean. It can also be entertaining to watch a little robot bumble around your place.

This model listens to your voice and will start and stop on command. It can also learn your habits and clean around your schedule. For example, it will run while you’re at work and then park itself out of sight just before you come home.

$249 plus free shipping.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Like the Roomba, the Instant Pot is an amazing hack for people on-the-go. Cut down your cooking time after a long day at work by throwing ingredients in and letting the pressure cooker do all the work. Then enjoy a simple clean-up.

A great gift idea for entrepreneurs, whether they love cooking or hate it.

$119 for the full size. $59 for the mini-size. Both include free shipping.

LinkedIn Premium Subscription

LinkedIn Premium is an excellent tool for anyone in the business world, making it a fantastic gift for entrepreneurs. If you’re not aware, LinkedIn is like Facebook for the professional world.

In addition to several useful features, subscribers also get access to LinkedIn Learning, an excellent online course platform. The most successful entrepreneurs are lifelong learners.

You can read our full review of LinkedIn Learning. We set out to write the most honest, thorough, and helpful breakdown of the platform.

$29.99/month or $266/year.

Personalized Presents for Side-Hustlers

Engraved Roller Ballpoint Pen

There’s a simple pleasure in using a beautifully crafted ballpoint pen. Make the present twice as nice by engraving their name on this personalized gift pen. Put an end to the old rule of finders keepers.

$21 plus free shipping.

Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter

Personalize this liquor decanter with a monogram and last name. There are several engraving options to suit the style of any businessman or businesswoman.

$40 plus free shipping.

Desk Gifts for Businessmen & Women

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

A sleek ceramic mug in black or white that keeps your coffee or tea warm for hours.

I’m currently drinking cold coffee that’s been sitting on my desk for too long. Almost everybody can relate to this problem. A mug with a warming tray is the kind of luxury you didn’t know you needed until you enjoy it.

$100 plus free shipping.

Living Bonsai Tree

Are you surprised you can buy a 6 year-old Bonsai tree for under $50? We were impressed too, and the businessman or businesswoman in your life will be as well.

The plant comes with a Bonsai care guide and a 30-Day return guarantee.

$41 plus free shipping.

Wireless Charging Station

Anyone who has used a QI wireless charging station at their desk or bedside table knows how luxurious and convenient it feels to simply lay your smartphone and AirPods down to charge.

This device is for iPhone 11s, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10, and AirPods 2/Pro, and Apply iWatches. Make sure the charging station is compatible with your entrepreneur’s device(s)!

$40, although there are sometimes deals for $16! Includes free shipping and returns.

Best Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

The Best Bath Bomb Set Ever

The reviews on these bath bombs are through the roof. It seems that every customer is not only satisfied, but over the moon with this bath bomb set.

Aromatic, therapeutic, fizzy, colorful, beautiful, natural, and relaxing. Some of the individually-wrapped bombs include flower petals, pearls, or flakes.

$27 plus free shipping.

Comfier Head and Scalp Massager

Um, yes please. This is one of those great gift ideas that you don’t have to think twice about. You can probably already see the eyes lighting up on the female entrepreneur in your life.

Our top choice for a head and scalp massager has everything you could ask for. It’s portable and chargeable, has 84 kneading nodes, multiple massage settings, and waterproof. That’s right, head massages in the shower and bath. Honestly, it’s just too good to be true.

$37 plus free shipping.

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World

From the beautiful cover art to the last page, this best-selling book delights the reader. It’s 100 bite-sized chapters are easy to read during a commute or while waiting for your coffee order. It also works as a bold and interesting coffee table book.

Buy this book for your female entrepreneur if you want to inspire, educate, and bring joy to her life.

Hardcover from $18

Tea Forte Organic Tea Sampler

Tea-time can be an almost spiritual experience with the right atmosphere and, of course, with high quality tea. Give the gift of deep relaxation with this elegantly packaged collection of delicious teas.

Includes black tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, green tea and white tea blends.

$60 plus free shipping.

RENWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy from a beautiful wood-grain diffuser is great for the businesswoman in your life. Works great at home or in the office. Humidify and cleanse the air with this ultra-quiet, highly-recommended model.

$19 plus free shipping.

Best Book Gift Ideas

Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way

An excellent read for the self-starter that is drawn to the rock n’ roll lifestyle of Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Airways and Virgin Records.

An auto-biography full of riveting stories, from crash-landing a hot air balloon in the Algerian desert to signing musical greats like the Sex Pistols, Janet Jackson, the Rolling Stones, and Phil Collins.

“Richard Branson is dressed to the nines: in a $10,000 white silk bridal gown with a traditional veil and train and acres of lace. Branson is expected to do the unexpected, even the bizarre — anything to publicize his latest venture. . . . The fact is, Branson’s widely reported stunts seem almost staid compared to the unconventional way he manages his burgeoning empire.”

Forbes, Back Cover

$10 for paperback, $20 for hardcover

How to Get Sh*t Done: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything…

The perfect gift for female entrepreneurs, this book provides lots of a helpful advice and actionable ideas for becoming highly productive in the midst of a full life.

“If you swear every year will be the year you finally finish your endless to-do lists and become a productivity machine, this is the book for you.”

Today.com, Back Cover

Paperback for $12, hardcover for $25

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The absolute classic, undying text on how be likeable is a great book gift idea for anyone in the business world. It’s safe to say that every hyper-successful person in the world has either read this book, or they have used its advice.

“One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends & Influence People will teach you six ways to make people like you, twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking, and nine ways to change people without arousing resentment.”

Back Cover

Paperback for $10, hardcover for $10

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

This #1 New York Times Bestseller became something of an instant classic when it was published in 2014.

If you want to build a better future, you must believe in secrets. The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things.”

Back Cover

Paperback for $12, hardcover for $15.

The Signal and the Noise

Named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine, Nate Silver is a statistician. But you could also say he’s a bit of a magician. He accurately forecasted every state in the 2012 election and the 35 elected state senators.

At present, this book is one of the best resources for understanding why many predictions fail, but some don’t. It’s a great choice for the big reader who has already read everything and is still hungry for more.

“A serious treatise about the craft of prediction—without academic mathematics—cheerily aimed at lay readers. Silver’s coverage is polymathic, ranging from poker and earthquakes to climate change and terrorism.”

New York Review of Books, Back Cover

$16 for paperback, $17 for hardcover

Subscription Boxes for Entrepreneurs

Subscription boxes are gift packages are all the rage right now. Because they arrive each month or season, they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

They also take all of the legwork out of choosing interesting gifts. Simply choose a subscription box that matches the person’s lifestyle, then sit back and let the company deliver curated gifts.

Of course, the subscription can be cancelled at any time. If you simply want to buy one box as a Christmas or birthday gift, it can be a great way to cross the entrepreneur in your life off your list.

Gentleman’s Box – Men’s Lifestyle and Fashion Accessories

Delivers several fashion and grooming accessories each month

Features stylish socks, excellent ties, leather flasks, and watches. The accessories from each box often match, making it easy to put together a super-fly outfit.

$29/box each month. Includes free shipping.

Sprezzabox – Men’s Lifestyle and Fashion Accessories

Sprezzabox is a great alternative to the Gentleman’s Box, also combining fashion and grooming accessories with a slightly Italian flair.

Individual boxes are usually themed, for example “Boardroom Certified” or “Date Night.” This ensures variety in the collections, while preparing your entrepreneur for a dozen situations.

$21 for the first box, then $28/month after. Includes free shipping.

BREO Box – Trendy Lifestyle Accessories

BREO Box is an award-winning seasonal subscription box featured on GQ, Esquire, The Price is Right, and many other big names.

Features exciting gadgets, fitness gear, electronics, home goods, luxury items

Example items include Portable LED Projectors, HD Video Drones, and Fingerprint-Activated Padlocks.

$149 for the first box, then $169 every 3 months. Includes free shipping.

Scribbler – Curated Gifts for Writers

Scribbler delivers several gifts designed to delight writers and improve their craft

Each collection often includes an interesting book, something to motivate or inspire, handy accessories, and clothing accessories.

$39/box each month. Includes free shipping.

Introverts Retreat for Women

Introverts Retreat features a novel written by a female author, hand-poured candles, sweet and savory snacks, and luxury bath and body products.

By combining classic self-care gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with this box. The collections work well for anyone who appreciates cozy Me-Time, not just introverted females.

$47/box each month. Includes free shipping.

PhiloSOCKphy – Wild and Wonderful Socks

These collections include socks, socks, and more socks. Deliveries include strikingly-patterned and eye-catching socks.

Some offerings are so zany and cozy, it would be better to call them sweaters for your feet.

$7/box for the first month, then $11/month after (1 monthly pair). $28/box for the first month, then $43/month after (4 monthly pairs). Includes free shipping.

BOLD Box – Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Box

BOLD Box is a seasonal subscription that delivers 8-10 gifts that are kind to your entrepreneur and the Earth. Items are home goods, wellness items, personal care accessories, and on-the-go items.

$60/box every 3 months. Includes free shipping.

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